gmbar -- Graphical multibar for dzen2

gmbar provides a library and a set of programs for producing graphical multibars for dzen2.


Basic usage

The program gmmembar(1) produces a system memory bar, showing how much memory is actively used, how much is used for file system buffers, and how much is cached. Following shows a typical invocation:

$ gmmembar --interval=5 --logfile=gmbar.log \
           --width=100 --height=10 \
           --margin=1 --padding=2 \
           --fg=red --bg=none \
           --used=red \
           --buffers=orange \
           --cached=yellow \
           | dzen -x 15 -y 15 -w 100 -h 10

The program gmcpubar(1) produces a system CPU bar, showing how much CPU time is used in system, user, nice, and idle tasks. Following shows a typical invocation:

$ gmcpubar --interval=1 --logfile=gmbar.log \
           --width=100 --height=10 \
           --margin=1 --padding=0 \
           --segment=1 --gap=1 \
           --fg=none --bg="#444444" \
           --kern=red \
           --user=orange \
           --nice=yellow \
           --idle=none \
           | dzen2 -x 15 -y 15 -w 100 -h 10

The included C library provides the ability to make custom graphical multibars easily easily.


GNU make and C libraries on Linux. No attempt has been made towards portability. Take this as a challenge.


Type 'make install' to install the tools into '/usr/local/bin' and manual pages to '/usr/local/man'.

You can also define PREFIX to install gmbar in a different prefix: 'make PREFIX=/usr' for example. Similarly, there's DESTDIR, BINDIR, MANDIR, and MAN1DIR for those who need them.


Original author and current maintainer is Mikko Värri (


gmbar is Free Software, licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL), version 3 or later. See LICENSE.txt file for details.