genmac -- Generate a random MAC address

genmac provides a program for producing a random MAC address. You can specify, via command line options, what kind of address to generate.


Basic usage

The program genmac(1) produces a single MAC address. Following shows a typical invocation:

$ genmac --local --unicast --eui48


GNU make and GNU C libraries on Linux. No attempt has been made towards portability. Take this as a challenge.


Type 'make install' to install the binary into '/usr/local/bin' and manual page to '/usr/local/man/man1'.

You can also define PREFIX to install genmac in a different prefix: 'make install PREFIX=/usr' for example. Similarly, there's DESTDIR, BINDIR, MANDIR, and MAN1DIR for those who need them.


Original author and current maintainer is Mikko Värri (


genmac is Free Software, licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL), version 3 or later. See LICENSE.txt file for details.